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Accomplished visualisation agency based in Manchester, UK.

Visualisation.Studio, a pure visualisation company, no gimmicks, no add-ons. Just sensational visualisations that can be produced for a variety of business sectors.

Focusing on pure visualisation our clients can rest assured that they will get an end product that is going to meet their requirements and generate a handsome ROI. Our approach may be coarse and at times uncouth, however the business world is not for the feint of heart and we get results.

We keep things simple with 4 rules:



We endeavour to produce visualisation that are class leading in terms of quality. Highly detailed, high resolution, impressive imagery that does the job.


Response Rate

Concise communication is important in the visualisation process, but speed is also a factor. Our response times are second to none, and we expect the same from our clients. Slow replies prolong the whole project and are reduced wherever possible.


Client Expectations

We know what can and cannot be achieved once all circumstances are factored in (deadline, available files, etc). Therefore we manage client expectation to ensure the visualisations produced are not over promised and under delivered.



We only offer visualisation as a design service, no graphic design, no web design, nothing outside of this realm. We do not want to dilute our skillset, visualisation is our domain and we aspire to be the most dominant force within it.


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A concise range of visualisation solutions, applicable to a variety of sectors.

To keep initial client discussions straightforward we divide our visualisation services into 5 main specialisms. Our client’s can make the decision of which will benefit their company the most and task us with undertaking them.

Architectural Visualisation

Residential and commercial property developments require architectural visualisation to demonstrate the aesthetic of a proposed development.  

Interior Visualisation

Visualise interior spaces with defined decor and furniture with our interior visualisations.

Product Visualisation

Exhibit a product in three dimensions at photo-realistic standard.


Still images not enough? Allow us to animate the scene or product to bring it to life.

Virtual Reality

Allow clients to engage with the visualisation, not just view it. 

Tendering & Bids

Sketchy on the details for an interior design tender, or a property development bid? Show us what you have and we will explore what is achievable.


Online or offline our visualisations are produced in several resolutions and file sizes to accommodate for a variety of prerequisites.


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